Tailored Support for Staffing Agencies

Comprehensive Support for Staffing Agencies

Archers Contact Solutions offers dedicated support services tailored to meet the unique needs of staffing agencies. From talent acquisition to payroll support, our comprehensive range of services ensures smooth operations and efficient growth for your agency. Explore our offerings designed to streamline your processes and elevate your recruitment efforts.

Inbox Management

Be the first point of contact for applicants and businesses with our inbox management services. We ensure queries receive satisfactory responses and forward important emails promptly.

Payroll Support

Efficiently manage accounts payable and receivables while monitoring employee attendance with our payroll support services. We ensure payroll reporting is timely and address employees' inquiries regarding payroll and benefits.

Talent Acquisition

Develop a robust candidate pipeline with our talent acquisition services. We partner with your HR unit to write job descriptions, post job ads, and seek out top candidates through various channels.

Digital Marketing Support

Boost your online presence with our digital marketing support. We create and post content on your social media platforms, responding to customer feedback and reviews to enhance your brand reputation.

Applicant Screening

Reduce time-to-hire by screening and vetting candidates thoroughly. We ensure shortlisted candidates possess the required competencies and skills for the roles, deploying applicant tracking systems for efficient management.

HR Admin Tasks

Streamline administrative tasks with our HR admin support. From creating spreadsheets for compensation and benefits to coordinating employee payroll, we ensure smooth operations for your agency.

HR Database Management

Maintain an updated HR database with our management services. We ensure employee information is accurate, monitor attendance, and update benefits and enrollments efficiently.

Recruitment Cycle Support

Facilitate the recruitment process with our support services. We collate applicant documents, send offer emails, and coordinate interviews, ensuring a seamless experience for candidates and clients.

B2B Lead Generation

Drive business growth by collecting data and building prospect lists. We scrub this data to ensure its quality, empowering you to utilize it effectively for marketing and sales purposes.

Scheduling Interviews

Efficiently manage interview scheduling with our services. We reach out to candidates, coordinate dates with your schedule, and block out times through cloud-based calendars for seamless coordination.

Onboarding Support

Welcome new hires with our onboarding support services. From sending welcome emails to coordinating orientations, we ensure a smooth transition for new employees into your agency.

Recruitment Research

Gain insights into available positions and competitive benefits packages with our research services. We analyze comparable positions in other companies to help you offer attractive benefits to candidates.

Partner with Archers Contact Solutions and optimize your staffing agency's operations for success in the competitive recruitment landscape!


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