Archers Contact Solutions Sales Development Representatives

Archers Contact Solutions Sales Development Representatives

Engage prospects, grow sales pipeline, and generate revenue with the help of Archers Contact Solutions Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

What can Archers Contact Solutions SDRs do?

  1. Demos and Deal Closing: Book and attend demo calls, close deals, and follow up on deals in your pipeline.
  2. Lead Prospecting: Prospect decision-makers, build rapport, and gain an understanding of their needs.
  3. Conducting Surveys: Create, distribute, and collect customer surveys, compiling the results in a datasheet.
  4. Sales Outreach: Execute sales outreach campaigns and add new qualified leads to your pipeline.
  5. Appointment Setting: Help your team book meetings and ensure prospects attend appointments.
  6. B2B Telemarketing: Execute cold calling campaigns and answer queries using scripts.

Easiest way to build a team in sales

  • Up to 80% quicker & cheaper compared to traditional hiring solutions. Scale up or down as necessary.
  • Your assistant is dedicated solely to your business, ensuring personalized attention and support.
  • Free Customer Success Manager ensures quality control procedures and proactive issue resolution.
  • All clients receive complimentary access to the Archers Contact Solutions Task Workspace App for efficient communication and task management.
  • Ongoing quality supervision by trainers, supervisors, and proprietary quality-management systems.
  • Consistently ranked as one of the best talent-as-a-service providers on leading B2B review sites.

Archers Contact Solutions Sales Boost: Optional

Lead Prospecting and Outreach Service tailored to target prospects within your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), delivering highly personalized email campaigns integrated with your sales strategy.

  • Offered as an 'addon' with both part-time and full-time SDR plans.
  • Enhance your sales pipeline with warm introductions, appointment bookings, and meetings.
  • Facilitated by a dedicated Archers Contact Solutions team handling technical infrastructure, crafting compelling email copy, managing campaigns, and monitoring performance.
  • ICP Research and Lead Prospecting
  • Learn about your target audiences and prospect thousands of leads monthly.
  • Copy and Campaign Setup
  • Create outbound campaigns with highly personalized copies for each target audience.
  • Outreach Infrastructure & Automation
  • Execute sales outreach campaigns and add new qualified leads to your pipeline.
  • Warm Leads for your Sales Team
  • Hand over warm leads, introductions, and appointments to your SDR.

Getting started is easy

1. Add requirements and sign up today: Submit basic details.

2. Connect with your CSM and Onboarding team: Confirm start date and clarify details with your dedicated team.

Meet your new SDR next week: Leverage your new team member to delegate tasks holding you back.


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