Comprehensive Support Services for Investment Firms

Archers Contact Solutions offers comprehensive support services tailored for investment companies. Our Project Accounting Support team assists bankers with tasks ranging from preparing invoices to budget planning, ensuring accurate financial management. They also handle office administration, calendar maintenance, event coordination, document preparation, expense tracking, travel coordination, file organization, and inbox management. Additionally, Archers Contact Solutions offers Executive Assistant services for senior management and CRM Data Entry Assistant services to streamline sales processes and customer data management. With a focus on communication, organization, and problem-solving, our team is dedicated to supporting investment companies in achieving their goals.

Project Accounting Support:

Assisting bankers with tasks such as preparing invoices, approving expenses, and budget planning. Also involved in other accounting and financial management documents.

Task: Resolving Discrepancies

Ensuring that company financial information is accurate and up-to-date by reconciling reports, statements, and various transactions.

Task: Office Administration

Handling various office needs, including ordering supplies, sourcing or repairing equipment, and reviewing or distributing mail to ensure clients have fully functional workspaces.

Task: Calendar Maintenance

Managing complex personal and team calendars, coordinating schedules, venues, and virtual conferences while prioritizing business priorities.

Task: Event Coordination

Organizing event logistics, reserving venues, arranging catering and transportation, sourcing gifts or giveaways, and managing technology needs for participants.

Task: Document Preparation

Ensuring executives have necessary briefing materials for events, coordinating with event participants, and collating data and materials as needed.

Task: Expense Tracking & Reporting

Creating expense reports based on client specifications, managing vendor payments and reconciling corporate credit card accounts.

Task: Travel Coordination

Preparing itineraries for CEOs and other executives, booking travel arrangements, and maintaining relevant contact information.

Task: File or Document Organization

Maintaining record systems or databases, ensuring confidentiality, and organizing materials for meetings, including recording and transcribing minutes.

Task: Inbox Management

Organizing emails in clients' inboxes, responding to queries, and forwarding urgent matters as necessary.


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