Archers Contact Solutions: Customer Service Representative

Archers Contact Solutions Customer Service Representative:

Live Chat

Enable round-the-clock chat support and ensure exceptional CSAT scores for your business. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are trained to handle live chat interactions efficiently and effectively.

Customer Onboarding and Acquisition

Your assistant can answer critical questions and guide customers before and during the onboarding process. By providing personalized assistance, our CSRs enhance the customer experience and drive acquisition.

After Hours & 24/7 Coverage

Choose from our flexible options: get one CSR to enable after-hours support, or assemble a team to provide 24/7 coverage. With Archers Contact Solutions, your customers are supported whenever they need assistance.

Product Recommendation and Guidance

Our CSRs can create, distribute, and collect customer surveys, compiling the results in a datasheet. By gathering valuable insights, we help you tailor product recommendations and improve customer satisfaction.

Email and Ticket Support

Archers Contact Solutions CSRs can escalate and resolve support emails and tickets in your CRM. With prompt and efficient handling, we ensure that customer inquiries are addressed in a timely manner.

Phone Support

Whether serving on your customer support hotline or complementing your existing team, our CSRs deliver professional and courteous phone support. We prioritize clear communication and resolution of customer issues

Order Processing and Refunds

Your assistant can manage order processing, shipping, refunds, and real-time communication with vendors/suppliers. With meticulous attention to detail, we streamline the fulfillment process for your business.

Deliver Quotes and Estimates

Archers Contact Solutions Dedicated Sales Representatives (DSRs) can execute cold calling campaigns and answer queries using scripts. Our goal is to drive sales and conversions while providing exceptional service.

Easiest Way to Build or Compliment Your Customer Success Team

Archers Contact Solutions enables clients to outsource entire customer experience operations, develop training and measurement systems, and adjust team size as needed. With our dedicated assistants, you can scale up or down quickly and efficiently.

Up to 80% Quicker & Cheaper

Compared to traditional hiring solutions, our services offer significant cost savings and faster turnaround times. With dedicated assistants focused solely on your business, you benefit from improved efficiency and productivity.

Free Customer Success Manager

Archers Contact Solutions employs rigorous quality control procedures and provides ongoing quality supervision. Your assistant is supported by trainers, supervisors, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager, ensuring consistently high standards of service.


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