Tailored Support Services for Construction Companies

Comprehensive Construction Support Solutions

At Archers Contact Solutions, we offer specialized support services tailored to the construction industry. From appointment setting to material ordering, our dedicated team provides comprehensive solutions to streamline your operations and enhance productivity. Explore our range of services designed to meet the unique needs of construction companies and contractors.

Appointment Setting

Efficiently manage your schedule with our appointment setting services. We pre-qualify leads, schedule meetings with prospective customers, and coordinate availability with key decision-makers in your company.

Field Notes Transcription

Ensure accurate documentation with our field notes transcription services. We format, proofread, and transcribe construction field notes, organizing them for easy access and reference.

Receptionist and Call Routing

Provide professional reception services with our call routing solutions. We act as the first point of contact for customers, prospects, and suppliers, directing calls to the appropriate personnel within your company.

Managing Customer Data

Stay organized with our customer data management services. We update databases, provide details of purchases and interactions, and maintain records of complaints and inquiries.

Project Warranty Support

Ensure project success with our warranty support services. We cross-check punch list items, proofread closeout documents, and collate post-occupancy survey data to ensure client satisfaction.

Permit Submissions Support

Streamline the permit process with our support services. We ensure building permit packages are complete and ready for review, including all necessary checklists, forms, and supporting documentation.

General Research

Gain valuable insights with our research services. We liaise with construction services teams, suppliers, and subcontractors to obtain quotes and collate information for new projects.

Payroll Administration

Simplify payroll management with our administration services. We use tracking software to monitor employee attendance, ensure timely reporting, and respond to employee inquiries about payroll and benefits.

Data Entry

Maintain accurate records with our data entry services. We prepare and proofread change order forms, service agreements, and purchase orders according to your specifications.

License Renewals

Stay compliant with regulatory requirements with our license renewal services. We review application checklists, notify clients of missed requirements, and track federal and state regulatory deadlines.

Subcontractor Hiring

Streamline the hiring process with our subcontractor hiring services. We send welcome emails to new hires, coordinate orientations, and schedule meetings between employees and their managers.

Material Ordering

Optimize inventory management with our material ordering services. We monitor requests for construction inventory, handle transport requisitions, and ensure project heads have accurate documentation for materials.


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